About Us

We strive to delight our customers with every product we sell.

We at San Juan Island CBD believe in providing health & wellness products as safe alternatives for a variety of customer needs, such as pain relief, muscle recovery, anxiety relief, or mental clarity. We also carry natural botanical products for everyday use, such as in skin care with a variety of products. We even thought of your pet's pain relief needs and provide products to benefit their health and wellness.

We hope that you may consider our company to be a resource for your needs in CBD Oil and Cannabidiol products as we value our customers and their needs for service.

SJICBD did not start in CBD, we started in business finance. Around the time Cannabis was legalized in Colorado and Washington, we noticed that Cannabis companies, though legal, did not have proper financial services. Most struggled to keep a business bank account open, let alone accept credit cards. This lead to us using our connections in the finance world to establish a company to provide compliant banking and merchant service products to cannabis companies. It was not long before we realized the benefits of CBD, and here we are.